Innovation Weekend Boston 2014

Road to Tokyo!

What is Innovation Weekend Boston?

Innovation Weekend is a global "pitch contest" originated from Tokyo Japan back in May 2011.

This is the FIRST Innovation Weekend Boston and the winner will be invited to Tokyo for "Innovation Weekend Grand Finale" in December to compete for the FIRST World Champion of the season.

In addition to the pitch contest performed by promising startups from Boston and East Coast at Innovation Weekend Boston, a presentation of "Today's Japan" which gives you a basic understanding of what's happening in Japan and guest speeches by successful entrepreneurs from Japan or USA will be delivered.

Also, it is the very first of the series of "Innovation Weekend World Tour" composed of Singapore (May), Tokyo (June), London (July), "Boston (Sep.24th)", Osaka in Japan (Oct), and all the winners will get together in Tokyo in December at Innovation Weekend Grand Finale to compete for the FIRST World Champion of the season.

Why should I join the event?

Don't miss the chance to meet startups carefully selected from hundreds of highly competitive candidates. You'll see some of the leading startups of Boston and East Coast who will be globally successful in the near future. The 1st place winner will be invited to Tokyo to make a pitch at the final session in December. The 2nd place winner will also earn the right to make a pitch in Tokyo, too!

The organizer of the event is SunBridge Global Ventures, who has a strong presence in the Japanese startup community, so you can get connected to a lot of Japanese venture capitalists, angel investors, media writers, entrepreneurs, engineers, students and so on.

In addition, the CEO of SunBridge Global Ventures, Prof. Hiraishi, will give a speech about what's happening in Japan today. It'll be a quite rare opportunity for startup people to learn up-to-date Japanese market, without traveling out of Boston.

Innovation Weekend World Tour is a first-ever challenge that connects non-Silicon Valley entrepreneurial cities in the world. Don't miss the chance to join the movement!

Why should I pitch?

If you win the first prize, you will be invited to Tokyo and get your product known not only in Japan, but also in other continents as winners from Singapore and London will join too. Apply now! (Deadline: Sep.17th Wed. 10:00am PDT)



Date: September 24th(Sep), 2014

Venue: The Venture Cafe, One Broadway, 5th floor, Cambridge, MA 02142 USA

Charge: Free!



17:30 Door open

18:00 Opening Remarks (Ikuo Hiraishi, Co-Founder, SunBridge Global Ventures)

18:30 Guest Speech (Taku Harada, CEO at Peatix Inc.)

19:00 Break

19:15 Innovation Weekend Live (Pitches)

20:30 Reception Party (Announcement of the winners)


Please make sure to fill in your first name and last name, otherwise you may not enter the building!

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Wed Sep 24, 2014
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